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When Healthcare Realty Development Company CEO James Ellis was a teenager, he built houses for his father's construction business. That business just happened to be one of the largest residential and

master plan real estate development companies

in the Midwest. Over a span of several years, a young Mr. Ellis cut his teeth in the trenches of home community and large scale development. It was experience that would later prove invaluable to him in his career.

While still in college, Mr. Ellis began his career in commercial real estate soon brokering for the largest

commercial real estate companies

in Kansas City. And at the age of 26, he had the vision to purchase numerous assets from the Resolution Trust Corporation and began Ellis Enterprises Inc. Seizing opportunities during the early stages of the real estate recovery, he purchased, owned, and managed mid-rise suburban office properties, strip retail centers, mid-size industrial and numerous garden apartment complexes. Soon after he expanded and began developing multi-tenant and build-to-suit suburban office properties and mid-rise urban multi-family units. And it was then that his diversified experience in commercial office, industrial and multi-purpose residential projects began to attract the attention of physician groups with entrepreneurial aspirations in medical real estate.

In the 1990's he began to focus his energies solely on the development of healthcare real estate and related medical properties. As the hospital and regulatory climate began to change, Ellis was able to identify strategic medical real estate solutions that helped solve many of the capital challenges facing hospitals - primarily the expansion of existing medical campuses. It didn't take long for hospitals to see the value of enlisting his private development team to design, construct, finance, own, lease and manage their healthcare real estate projects.

Today, Healthcare Realty Development has grown into one of the most successful and well-respected

medical commercial real estate companies

in the country, having been involved with more than 30 developments in the continental United States. If you are looking for ways to expand your existing campus, improve your off-balance-sheet growth and enhance your physician recruitment and retention, Healthcare Realty Development Company is ready to help.

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