Healthcare Realty Development Company

Will You Survive the New Healthcare Landscape?


2010 Healthcare Reform Act

intends to provide healthcare for 30-32 million people. However, after adjusting for socio-economic variables and population trends, experts say 9 million new patients in the American healthcare system is a more realistic projection. At the same time, the

Association of American Medical Colleges

now projects the attrition rate of licensed physicians to be greater than 10,000 doctors every year. The problem is that there are more physician retirees leaving the system than new graduates entering. The increase of patient admissions and loss of doctors now makes

physician loyalty

to your facility more critical than ever.

Ownership or Control?

Many hospitals currently own their ancillary facilities. And though a popular concept, hospital ownership of medical real estate is not always the wisest decision. Ownership often strains resources and often translates to poor balance sheet performance. At Healthcare Realty Development, we believe that control, not ownership, is the answer.

In most cases, controlling medical real estate makes better financial sense than ownership for hospitals. Control presents less financial risk, less legal exposure, greater freedom of capital assets and other financial benefits. Let us show you how you can maximize your

hospital's financial performance


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