Kansas City Creates Its Own Healthcare Reform

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By a majority decision of 76%, a nine year renewal of a local property tax ensuring access to healthcare for the uninsured or underinsured was passed.

This healthcare tax will be of great aid to the working poor and the providers who cater to their health needs. Comprising 22 cents per $100 of assessed value, which is around $44 if you own a $100,000 house, the tax will generate around $15 million annually.  While the tax does put a slight burden on community members, the overwhelming support shows how many people think it will be for the greater good.

Even though this increases healthcare taxation in Kansas City, a stemming cause of the passage of this tax is the uncertainty of national healthcare reform. This tax provides coverage for those who have no health insurance, precisely the same as national healthcare reform. It may take some time for the effects of the Affordable Healthcare Act to be felt, and rather than leave it up in the air, Kansas City decided to take healthcare action now.

The $15 million will be divvied up between the following safety net providers:

·         Truman Medical Centers – about $10.2 million

·         Kansas City’s ambulance care – about $2.4 million

·         Northland Health Care Access – about $480,000

·         Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center – about $480,000

·         Cabot Westside Health Center – about $480,000

·         Swope Health Services – about $480,000

·         KC Care Clinic (formerly the free health clinic) – about $480,000

Granting this health tax renewal shows continued support of taking care of the indigent population in Kansas City and those who provide care for them.


Jim Ellis


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